Since 2012

AIA Cycling has been taking professional cyclists to Tijuana, Mexico since 2012, where we partner with Hope Sports to build homes for those in need. Every year AIA has brought a group of athletes to the Hope Sports 'pro-build' where we join a variety of other professional athletes from different sports. This is one of the most rewarding and impactful things we do throughout the year. 

“What an experience in just two days with Hope Sports; learning some new construction skills, making some great new friends. Most importantly, it was an absolute reminder of how much I have to be thankful for and that certainly affected my mentality in my life afterwards.”
— Timmy Duggan, Retired World-Tour Pro
The home build is a great chance to spend a weekend—after a whole season of living selfishly to be the best athletes possible—giving ourselves fully to a family in desperate need. It gives us crucial perspective of our blessings so that we can begin the coming season in the right spirit.
— Chad Haga, Team Sunweb
The home builds have been pivotal experience in my life. Through these experiences, I have gained a new perspective on loving other people, appreciating everything in my life, and the joy that can be found in God alone.
— Jesse Anthony, Rally Cycling
The home build in Mexico is extremely eye opening. It is amazing how God can put a group of athletes from all different walks of life together for a weekend to change a family’s life.
— Michael Hernandez, Aevolo Pro Cycling