Athletes in Action: 

AIA is a not-for-profit Christian sports ministry dedicated to developing the total athlete in professional and collegiate sports globally. For over 50 years AIA has been encouraging athletes to think critically about their identity and place within the world of sport. Through the integration of faith, life, and sport we believe each person can experience a victory beyond competition.

AIA pro Cycling Mission:

To serve, support, and mentor professional cyclists by being a mental, emotional, and spiritual resource.

The aia pro Cycling storY:

Throughout Todd Henriksen's career as an elite and professional cyclist, he noticed that there was a lack of a grounding spiritual presence in professional cycling that existed both and off the bike. After Todd left professional cycling in 2007, his passion grew to see a cultural shift and spiritual movement happen within the sport. In 2010 he traveled to the USPRO National Championships in Greenville, SC with the purpose of gathering a group of pro riders together for a pre-race chapel service. A small group of riders showed up in the corner of a local coffee shop to pray together and connect before one of their biggest one-day events of the season. The riders were astounded there were other Christian athletes who desired community and growth. One of the riders in attendance, Ben King, won the U.S. Pro Men’s professional title the following day in dramatic solo fashion. Shortly thereafter, Todd Henriksen and his wife Tabitha Henriksen helped launched AIA Pro Cycling in 2012 to help serve and support the men and women across the elite level of the sport at a deeper level. Through serving teams at races, hosting chapel services for riders, mentoring riders one-on-one, and hosting an off-season service project in Tijuana, Mexico, movement started to happen. Starting with just a handful of riders in 2012, AIA Pro Cycling now has a presence in every discipline in the sport. Our staff now minister at premier race events around the globe and work with professional teams to help forge character and leadership development within their programs. Through intentional care of riders and team staff, AIA Pro Cycling’s influence has grown to be a respected and trusted resource in the professional peloton throughout the world.